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Psychotherapy takes time to work. Therefore, a minimum treatment period of several months is to be expected in which a 50 minute conversation takes place at least once a week. The duration of psychotherapy varies with symptoms and severity.


Get in contact:

via telephone within the allocated phone times



Probatory Sessions:                 


Behavioral therapy:  

12 to 80 therapy sessions of 50 min for children and adolescents;

3 to 11 reference sessions of 50 min each for parents and persons with care, as well as important reference persons




Legally insured patients

The statutory health insurance takes over the costs for psychotherapy.

Private Insurance

The insurance conditions of the private cost carriers differ, so that the cost reimbursement is handled differently. We recommend that you inquire with your private health insurance beforehand.


The reimbursement of beneficiaries is governed by the State aid rules.


The parents can take over the costs themselves.


Private treatments paid for by the statutory health insurance, you, your private health insurance or aid are calculated according to the fee schedule for psychological psychotherapists and children and adolescent psychotherapists (GOP).

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